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RedeemFX - Fund's Security

Security of the trader's funds is the single most important factor, traders sometimes worry while funding their account, that is why we have taken extra measures to ensure fund's safety. We are committed to offer our clients the highest security standards by maintaining funds directly and indirectly into leading prominent Banks.

Factors that makes RedeemFX a secure and reliable forex broker are

  1. RedeemFX strictly follows segregation while opening forex accounts, maintaining growth potential of investment funds with protection. In this client's funds are held separated from the company funds, which ensures that money of two groups are not used for wrong purposes. By maintaining segregated forex accounts, client's money becomes easy to manage.
  1. As Trading being a leveraged product there are plenty of risks involved that can result in substantial losses. RedeemFX fundamental and technical analysis assist to identify the dynamics of the markets, which usually allows company to easily recognize and accomplish the financial requirements.
  1. Discover the dynamic liquidity with RedeemFX, as we do not risk our client's trust and ensures potential profit. We believe in keeping Client's Account in multifaceted banks with competitive advantage, that allows to generate higher margins. "Operation in shielded and small slot" is all what traders need.

Data Security

The productivity with data security is a foremost substance. We comply the highest standards of technology promoting and ensuring funds safety. RedeemFX makes sure that client's deposits/withdrawals and personal information are all integrated and kept securily under SSL Certification.