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Micro Account

Micro account is designed for the traders, those want to start safe and slow. It allows traders to trade with real money, without exposing them to the risk more than they are prepared to loose. It cater opportunities to experiment more.

Premium Account

Premium Account serves experienced retail traders. In this Account, traders have EUR and USD as their Base Currency. It upholds Margin Call 50% and Stopout 20% policy, that automatically stops position when Margin Level drops to 20%.

ECN Account

ECN Account lets traders inhabit the trading strategies with low ECN Spreads, inhabiting the counts of the forex circumstances that nowhere will let investors risk their financial stability. There is no restriction on client trading strategies.

Elite Account

Elite Account is a type that is designed for the professional and VIP traders. It comes with supreme benefits that are not offered in other accounts. Traders are only eligible for this Account, when they trade more than 400 million in a month, or deposit over 150,000.